PGA of BC Women’s Only Event

We are please to be able to offer this new opportunity for our PGA of BC Women Golf Professionals to meet up for education, mentoring, networking and golf… both for either one day of fun golf or two day 36 hole competitive golf.  We are dedicated to grow the game and the golf industry 🙂

Facts of Women in the Golf Industry

PGA of Canada only has 185 Women Golf Professionals

Here is the Breakdown 🙂

Alberta Zone has 24 female members (545)
Atlantic Zone has 10 female members (171)
British Columbia Zone has 37 female members (629)
Manitoba Zone has 6 female members (138)
National (Non-Resident) has 8 female members
Ontario Zone has 63 female members (1197)
Ottawa Zone has 13 female members (170)
Quebec Zone has 14 female members (422)
Saskatchewan Zone has 5 female members (115)
Tournament Professional Division has 6

PGA of BC Woman’s Only Event 2014 PGA of BC Woman's Only Event 2014 copy


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