Welcome :-) Fun. Results.

Look forward to a great golf improvement.  Choose from a variety of golf programs offered for every level of player.  From the complete novice golfer just venturing into the game, to the experienced players desiring to see better results or to prepare for competitive events…  Women’s Only Programs, Individual Coaching Golf Fitness and Technical development, Mixed Golf Social Events and Golf in Schools.  

2023 Programs for Great Golf Improvements…. all levels and fun for Everyone 🙂  

Thoughts for your Loved Ones….

                                               …..Those who play together, Stay together!


Novice | Intermediate | Advanced | Individual or Group Programs

Self-Guided Group Training | 90 Minutes | 6 – 8 pp

Golfers Bootcamp| 2 Hour | 4 – 6 pp

Short Game Series | 3 @ 1 Hour Lessons | 4 – 6 pp

Full Swing Series | 3 @ 1 Hour Lessons | 4 – 6 pp

GOLF 101 For the “wanna be” golfer… | 4 Week Program | 8 Hours
3 Hours Short Game, 3 Hours Full swing and 2 Hours on Course Instruction
Putting, Chipping, Pitching and Full Swing, On Course Introduction.

Speedgolf – 60 minutes of Fun, Fast Golf, Fun League
Three clubs, runners and golf balls, play with friends in a fun format.

On Course Players League – Learning and Playing for Beginners to Intermediate
4 @ 90 mins

For More Details and To Register, Contact Tara Roden

tararoden@gmail.com  or 1.877.444.0068
Tara and Sandy, book cover

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