Tara’s T-Box – Tip of the Day

Tara’s Tee Box – Tip of the Day

Have you ever topped a golf ball or possibly missed it all together? I would have to bet that 100% of the people who have played or attempted this game would answer – YES

But the real question is – Do you understand WHAT just happened? a very small percentage can answer this question with confidence and awareness… No, it’s not because you are a bad golfer…

Simply…. if the club face/leading edge of the club connects with the “southern hemisphere” of the ball (this does NOT mean – get under it), it will be able to travel up the club face to react to the angle (Loft) so it will fly up in the air…

Grounders, line drives and complete misses are a result of YOU (yes – you… ) lifting UP the CLUB, subconsciously thinking this will lift up the BALL… sorry, does not work that way…

IDEA… practice setting up (no ball needed) in your posture, and swing the club back and forth over the same spot on the ground (preferably with some nice long grass) feel the club head connect back and forth in the same spot… it will teach your body balance, extension without tension and train your swing for allowing the club to travel low along the ground (not chopping into it) …

For more understanding or questions, let me know Love to hear from you…

Tara Roden, Director of Instruction
Gallaghers Canyon

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