Get Ready, Get Set…. GO!

Tara’s Tee Box – Tip of the Day

Get Ready, Get Set… GO!

I always find it very interesting to hear golfers tell me, they don’t want to get SERIOUS about their game.. too stressful. They would rather just hit the ball, chase it, hit the ball and chase it again (with the odd whiff, slice, hook and water ball)

For many who know me, they would say I was not a Serious Golfer… yes, I can shoot low scores and hit the ball pretty good… but my personality likes to have fun with who I am with and to really enjoy the day when playing.

However, I do know a little bit about making good choices for good golf… it does not mean you have to be serious!

So what does golf improvement look like, if it’s not serious? Well, how about it is just more effective… Prepared for the Shot… develop your pre shot routine to suit you!

As an example, getting ready for your shot (each time).. yes that means you actually pick a target, decide on the distance and choose the best club for the shot.

Now this only takes me a few seconds to do. I usually start to think about it as I get near my golf ball, so when I arrive at the ball and it’s my turn, I have made the key choices to give me the best chance for success. I play fast and have a ton of fun!

A pre shot routine does not take extra time, but it does require answers to key questions for better golf.

1) Where do you want to hit it?
2) How far is it? Air time is key, especially over water.
3) What is the best club for this shot?

Need to find out more? Give me a call, would love to hear from you… Join us for fun and effective training!


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