Combine The BODY and GOLF Technique – for Best Results!

It is very Exciting to Be Adding Fitness Training to my Services.  While continuing to train for my personal fitness goals, I am studying for my TPI Certified and CanProFit Certified so I can deliver to you more comprehensive and impactful golf instruction with the fitness element to enrich your LIFE and Golf Skills.

While I am continuing to develop the dynamic golf/fitness lesson programs for 2013, I am very pleased to be working with some of the top Fitness/Health trainers in Canada.

March 1, 2013 – TPI CERTIFIED

I have just complete my exam for the TPI Certification

What does this do for you?

I will be adding to my programs a functional mobility and stability assessment which is golf specific to identify possible root causes to any swing flaws or compensations.  How this is beneficial for you, to more accurately identify the causes of your loss of power in the golf swing or directional and consistency issues. If we can identify causes that could be body related, then we can more easily work around this or address this so you can see more efficiency in your game.

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