SHORT GAME – Beginner and Intermediate Level $75.00 plus taxes
Enjoy learning effective putting, chipping and pitching techniques, reading greens, distance and direction control.  Also our focus is on 100 yards and in with your wedges, out of bunkers and off side hill lies.  Develop new skills and play better on the course.   Max. of 4 to 6 golfers per group
Thursday 4:30 – 5:30 May 9, 16, 23
Friday 11 – 12 noon May 3, 10, 17
Saturday 11 – 12 noon  May 4, 11, 18

–Beginner and Intermediate Level – $75.00 plus taxes
Discover better consistency in ball striking, have accurate shots and better distance control with your irons and woods.  Understand a balanced swing, body rotation and power with solid set up fundamentals and effective movement.  Understanding your golf equipment for better choices and shot making.  Maximum 4 – 6 golfers per group
Thursday 4:30 – 5:30 April 18, 25, May 2
Friday 11 am – 12 noon April 12, 19, 26
Saturday 11 am – 12 noon May 25, June 1, 8


ONLY $125.00 plus taxes for 6 Hour Series.


Golf Game Improvement

Golf Game Improvement


The Words of Wisdom… Thank You!

Smart Marketing for Better Profits – PGA of BC Education Series

Would like to Share the following: MY TAKEAWAY GEMS… all that I could retain!

Gilles Dufort – www.harvestgolf.com known for impeccable customer service

  • Connect – It’s face time that builds relationships – Real, Authentic, Interested
  • Details – Pay attention to the experience you offer – Everywhere
  • Suggest – Know the needs of your customers by asking for it – Offer More
  • Solve it – Always deal with issues – Turn it into Valuable and Positive Results

Peter Matejcek – www.hustream.com Video Specialist with New Interactive Technology

  • Do Video
  • Do Video
  • Do Video – haha…  got it!

Melonie Dodaro – www.topdogsocialmedia.com 1# LinkedIn Educator and Social Media Expert

  • Tweet – do it, do it, do it… but not all about you…
  • Listen – hear what others are saying, comment, respond and retweet
  • Hootsuite – use twitter tools and lists for effective searching and tweeting
  • Hashtag – use them to attract attention to tweets

Jamela Van Steinburg – www.getintheloop.ca Marketing Specialist with Radio and On Line Options

  • Get In the LOOP – a program to offer local golfers the best on line deals
  • Golf Course Benefits – exposure to the Last Minute and Valued Customer
  • Solutions – to engage the deal searcher without cutting into our Profits

I want to thank our excellent presenters who enlightened us with their expertise and marketing jewels…

Gilles Dufort of www.harvestgolf.com , Peter Matejcek of www.hustream.com , Melonie Dodaro of www.topdogsocialmedia.com  and Jamela Van Steinburg of www.getintheloop.ca for giving us all great tips for better success in our marketing and customer service.

Such Great Tips!  Thanks again for Joining us at the Harvest!

Gilles Dufort Gilles Dufort, GM at The Harvest

Peter, Melonie and Jamela

Peter, Melonie and Jamela…