SHORT GAME – Beginner and Intermediate Level $75.00 plus taxes
Enjoy learning effective putting, chipping and pitching techniques, reading greens, distance and direction control.  Also our focus is on 100 yards and in with your wedges, out of bunkers and off side hill lies.  Develop new skills and play better on the course.   Max. of 4 to 6 golfers per group
Thursday 4:30 – 5:30 May 9, 16, 23
Friday 11 – 12 noon May 3, 10, 17
Saturday 11 – 12 noon  May 4, 11, 18

–Beginner and Intermediate Level – $75.00 plus taxes
Discover better consistency in ball striking, have accurate shots and better distance control with your irons and woods.  Understand a balanced swing, body rotation and power with solid set up fundamentals and effective movement.  Understanding your golf equipment for better choices and shot making.  Maximum 4 – 6 golfers per group
Thursday 4:30 – 5:30 April 18, 25, May 2
Friday 11 am – 12 noon April 12, 19, 26
Saturday 11 am – 12 noon May 25, June 1, 8


ONLY $125.00 plus taxes for 6 Hour Series.


Golf Game Improvement

Golf Game Improvement


What are YOU here Fore?

What are YOU here Fore?

We are all on the journey of life to Experience and Learn… who we become and how we choose to do this is as significant and unique as the snowflakes that fall from the sky… collectively we can make a difference in our own very special way. So much of life I can relate to how we play our golf game…

We are all so very unique and have such diverse paths we choose to take, yet we are walking down the same fairway…

What are YOU here Fore… is just a reminder that we do not all play the sport of golf for the same reasons and when we choose to, how we plan it out is quite different, yet it usually matches our lifestyles …

This is the beauty in golf.. because we are all so different and have so many individual reasons to be sharing the golf course with each other… it always interests me on the often colourful stories that each of my students have in their life and golf games.

My first question to you when I first meet a new students is…


Rather than assume the obvious, which is to improve your golf game… most answers I find go much more deeply and have very specific experiences which brings you to this place of desired improvement through the search of knowledge…

I will look forward to sharing with you throughout the season of wonderful tales and adventures of both triumphs and challenges that I share with my students…

I know what I am HEAR for… just this! To listen, to learn and to share to make this a better place for all who wish to venture out and experience THIS GAME, a better game…

“Let’s Play Great Golf” is much more than fixing a slice… but it may be just the beginning… the path is long and it can be the most amazing journey! I look forward to sharing it with you 🙂