Golf is NOT rocket science…

It has been way to long since my last post.  I have been very busy with the golf season, golf industry and preparing for my own fitness!  I believe it is time to start sharing my stories in this amazing game about the awesome people I have been meeting and assisting in their golf game improvement.  

It seems to me that there are many false idea’s out there, which (in a way) makes me chuckle as the lessons on the “GOLF COURSE” by loving and helpful friends, for some reason just do not seem to HELP.. even the kindest heart can be lead astray!

Golf is definitely not rocket science… although many people make it out to be… Really it is not as complicated as you think… 

ImageWhen I have been teaching in the past few weeks to many NEWBe golfers, and showing them the MOST important part of the golf swing called the IMPACT area… 


Well, let’s just say when I am demonstrating how to hit the ball in the air when chipping… I alway follow it up with a few words like.. it really is a simple shot if you do the two key fundaments such as having your weight solidly in balance on the foot closest to the target and keeping the club low, your hands low and maintaining the triangle to a holding balanced position.

If you have a good understanding for the AIR TIME vs. ROLL TIME on your shot and choose the best club suited for your shot… well… it’s just a matter of time when you will begin to chip it in…

Ha… the funny thing is… when my beginner golfers hear me say this and watch my demos… they assume I am exaggerating and just obviously good, because of my 35 years of golfing..

I can now tell you just in the past few weeks.. two completely different beginner lessons with this same short game approach produced a CHIP IN… and not by me, but by the beginner golfers I was teaching..

This is why I own a “that was easy” button from STAPLES… just for fun!  Because really folks…. THAT WAS EASY!

I love to teach the short game for so many reasons, but my number on reason is that it is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE and anyone can be a great short game player with a little knowledge and a LOT OF TRAINING… 

My hope for you all is to thoroughly enjoy your time either at the range or the golf course and to develop the most important golf skills is the IMPACT AREA which just happens to be short game…

Low and Through, weight on the front foot and hold that finish!

For more details, join me on the range… 

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