Getting the Rust Out…

It is a fantastic start to the golf season.  The sun shining and warming our days as we step happily down the fairway.  Fun experiences with a wonderment of what is next?  Hit, chase, hit, chase and putt… still feeling somewhat foreign?

This is the time where expectations are at a healthy level – low and not knowing really what to expect.  Which often leads to a more enjoyable relaxed experience that often produces better golf shots. There is always this element of distant familiarity… when it’s been months (for many of you) since the golf club was in your hand…

The best way to feel comfortable with anything… just DO IT… get out there and swing away, whether it is on the range or the golf course, we just need to have some FUN with it and see what happens.

We have a great opportunity for the beginner to intermediate golfer to do just THAT.. join me on any Monday, Wednesday or Friday for a supervised training session to get this rust out of your game and back into the swing of it.  Train Smarter.  Play Better.

Starting next week at 5:30 – 7 pm, bring your clubs and be prepared to have some fun with building your confidence, your skills and try all the shots you can imagine 🙂

I will guide you through effective training for your best results this golf season.  Call today for more details or to sign up!

2013 Self-Guided Supervised Training